The Hibiscus Genus and its Relatives
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Hibiscus are spread throughout the world in various species.  The most famous is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, the so-called Hawaiian Hibiscus to many. However, the Malvaceae Family includes many other hibiscus and related species.  Bulletin 93 from Ceylon says "The genus Hibiscus is a wide one, comprising some 150 to 160 species, of which many are known and grown in Ceylon."

One of the best Internet sites for discovering the range of the Malvaceae Family which includes Hibiscus is Sam Andrews' List of Lists - make sure you bookmark it. You can see the Hibiscus of Hawaii, Hibiscus in Ceylon and Australian Native Hibiscus as well. See also the appropriate links I have listed.

This web site will concentrate on Hibiscus rosa-sinensis x but, just to whet your botanical appetite, here is a segment of the List of Lists site:
Selected Members of the Malvaceae Family: Hibiscus Genus

Hibiscus acetosella {Synonym: Hibiscus eetveldianus. Also, Red Leaf Hibiscus, False Roselle, African Rose Mallow, or African Red Mallow}
Hibiscus arnottianus
{Also, Wilder's White, Tantalus White, or Koki'o Ke'oke'o. Not to be confused with another Hawaiian species, Hibiscus kokio, with a common name of Koli'o}
Hibiscus calyphyllus
{Synonyms: Hibiscus calycinus or Hibiscus rockii. Lemon-eyed Rose Mallow}
Hibiscus cameronii
{Pink Hibiscus}
Hibiscus cannabinus L.
{Also, Kenaf, Guinea Hemp, Mesta, Deccan Hemp, Indian Hemp, Brown Indian Hemp, Wild Stockrose, Java-jute, Bimli-jute, Bastard-jute, Chanvre de Bombay, Gambohanf, Dekkanhanf, Ambari, or Ambari Hemp}
Hibiscus coccineus
{Synonym: Hibiscus semilobatus. Also, Texas Star, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Native Red Hibiscus, and other names}
Hibiscus glaber {Also, Hamabo — NOT to be confused with the Hibiscus syriacus cultivar of same name}
Hibiscus insularis
{No common name known}
Hibiscus kokio
{Also, Native Red Rose Mallow, St. John's Rose Mallow, Red Hibiscus, Clay Hibiscus or Koli'o. Not to be confused with another Hawaiian species, H. arronotius, with a common name of Kok'io Ke'oke'o}
Hibiscus laevis
{Synonym: Hibiscus militaris Cav. Also, Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow, Halberd-leaved Mallow, Soldier Rose Mallow, or Soldier Mallow}
Hibiscus moscheutos L.
{Also, Marsh Mallow, Sea Hollyhock, Water Mallow, Mallow Rose, Swamp Rose Mallow, Mallow, Perennial Hibiscus, Common Rose Mallow, Rose Mallow, Rose-Mallow, Wild Cotton, Dinnerplate Hibiscus, or Frisbee Hibiscus}
Hibiscus mutabilis L.
{Synonym: Hibiscus sinensis. Also, Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose, Dixie Rose Mallow, Fuyo, or, confusingly, Rose of Sharon}
Hibiscus peduncutus
{No common name known}
Hibiscus sabdariffa L.
{Also, Roselle, Rosella, Florida Cranberry, The October Hibiscus, Jamaican Sorrel, Jamaica Sorrel, Jamaica Flower, Jamaican Sorrel, Indian Sorrel; Roselle; Red Sorrel; Sorrel, quimbombo chino, rosa de Jamaica, flor de Jamaica, Jamaica agria, Jamaica, Java Jute, Karkade, Cardade, oseille de Guinée, Malventee, serení, acedera de Guinea, DamBut Dam, or ChuaMe dat}
Hibiscus schizopetalus
{Also, Chinese Lantern, Japanese Lantern, Japanese Hibiscus, Fringed Rose Mallow, Fringed Hibiscus, Schizopetalus, Skeleton Hibiscus, Coral Hibiscus, Waltzing Ladies, Aloalo Ko'ako'a, or Fuchsiodes}
Hibiscus splendens
{Also, Holly Hock Tree}
Hibiscus syriacus L.
{Also, Rose of Sharon, Syrian Rose, Althea Rose, Shrub Althea, Shrubby Althea, Althea, or Mukuge, or Huchisu}
Hibiscus tiliaceus L.
{Also, Sea Hibiscus, Cotton Tree, Hau, Cottonwood, Lagoon Hibiscus, Majagua, Mahaguaor, Bladder Ketmia, Linden Hibiscus, Hawaiian Tree Hibiscus, Mountain Mahoe, or Mahoe}
Hibiscus trionum L.
{Also, Flower of an Hour, Flower of the Hour, bladder ketmia, Stundeneibisch, or Venice Mallow}

Selected Members of the Malvaceae Family: Non-Hibiscus Genuses

Abelmoschus exculentus {Synonym & Formerly: Hibiscus esculentus L. Also, Okra, Gombo, Lady's Fingers, Kopi Arab, Kacang Bendi, or Gumbo}
Abelmoschus moschatus {Synonym: Hibiscus abelmoschus L. Also, Silk Flower, Musk Okra, Ambrette, Tropical Jewel-hibiscus, Musk Mallow}
Abelmoschus manihot
{Synonym & Formerly: Hibiscus manihot L. Also, Yellow Hibiscus, Sunset Musk Mallow, or Huang Chin}
Alogyne huegelii
{Synonyms: Hibiscus wrayae, or Formerly, Hibiscus huegelii. Or, . Also, Blue Hibiscus or Desert Rose}
Malvaviscus arboreus
{Also, Turk's Cap, Texas Wax Mallow, Giant's Turk's Cap, Malvaviscus, or Sleeping Hibiscus}
Thespesia populnea L.
{Synonym: Hibiscus populneus L. Also, Portia Tree, Seaside Mahoe, Tulip Tree, Bendy Tree, Milo, Cork Tree, Polynesian Rosewood, Pacific Rosewood, Baru Baru, Baru Laut, or Bebaru}