Hibiscus Propagation
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   Side Graft
   Wedge Graft
   Rind/Bark Graft



The Wedge Graft

I like this technique and use it mostly. The local citrus nursery now uses it on thin skewer thickness plants with single node "chips". As before for a rooted cutting in a tube, it is necessary to pull upwards with the left hand while applying downward pressure with the cutting blade at the right angle. Otherwise the pressure will break the roots off.

This time two cuts are made, the bottom cut more like 45 degrees. The scion needs a long cut on one side and a short 45 degree one on the other to roughly match the slot.

  • Make sure the angle stays constant with only a firm pressure
  • Use a rocking forward-back motion, not a hard shove
  • Try not to "scoop" - no curved cuts!
  • Try to cut the scion with a "flat" cut without scooping
  • Practice on scrap prunings for you will need lots of practice
  • Unrooted cuttings from pencil to finger thickness will do
  • Remember, tough tape can pull "soft" wood in to close gaps!!!

Here is a picture sequence which may help give the idea.

Bottom cut Long cut as before Scion long cut side Short cut under flap
Locked in 3-node sample scion 1-node will do