Hibiscus Propagation
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   Side Graft
   Wedge Graft
   Rind/Bark Graft



The Rind or Bark Graft

So often, a hybridizer gives you a piece of wood and asks you to graft it (when you learn how) hoping to get the plant back in the future  if he/she loses it for whatever reason. If it's a thin piece, this technique is a lifesaver. Thin rootstocks are not always successful. Thicker ones have a much better take rate for me...almost 100%.

This time, lay the knife along the bark as shown and gently push all the way in to the "wood". With a gentle twist each way the bark is lifted from the wood. (Go opposite the existing node for one graft, or one-quarter each way and make two slits to insert two.)

Cut the scion with a long flat cut from side-to-side. Back trim a little ledge on the back side to slide under the bark more easily. Now trim just a fine whisker down each edge to bare the cambium sap line to better connect with the flow.

Here is a picture sequence which may help give the idea.

Gently cut to wood Lift the flaps The thin one Long "wedge"-type
Edge close-shaved Bit more trimming Ready to insert Ready to wrap