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Moon Shot

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Australian Hibiscus Society Inc.
20th February, 2005 at Hibiscus Hideaway Nursery, Goomboorian via Gympie
See also March 2005 and April 2005

The Wide Bay Branch again had its meeting at Hibiscus Hideaway Nursery with Taylor and Rosalie Davis as hosts.  Rosalie was out madly watering as time allowed while Branch President Taylor managed the competition and meeting supported by Ray and Becky Morsch.

Ah, I love my candid camera!

Yours truly, Wally Morgan, and Taylor pose after the meeting. Phil and Mavis Barry surround Brenda and Col Dennis, new members who are already enthused. Somehow, just a foot of Dennis Doherty made the left-hand edge of the pic!
Kay Millers and Phyllis Hoff enjoy one of Taylor's jokes - oops, I didn't say that.  Sorry Taylor! Joy Hatton recovers from handling the entries and certificate writing for the blooms entered and awarded.

Norm Hatton and Brian Fischle concentrate on proceedings. Brenda Dennis, our newest member, shows Phil and Mavis Barry's Dragon's Breath she awarded as Most Spectacular for the day.
The Four Champions - no awards in the other sections
Wally Morgan's Champion Miniature, Sylvia Goodman Phil and Mavis Barry's Champion Seedling, Pink Dragon
Phil and Mavis Barry's Champion Single, Byron Metts Phil and Mavis Barry's Most Spectacular, Dragon's Breath
Other Blooms with Gold Seals or Certificates of Merit

Ray and Becky Morsch earned Gold Seals for Moon Shot, Kari Woodengown and Archerii.
Wally Morgan received Gold Seals for Sylvia Goodman (also in Two of a Kind), Double Ronda D and Psyche in Two of a Kind.
Dennis Doherty and Kay Millers had Gold Seals for Tigerama, Elena Mia, Sprinkle Rain, Psyche, Holly's Pride and for Mrs George Davis in the Old Favourites.
Phil and Mavis Barry had the most awards: Gold Seals for Tigerama, Harvest Moon, Dragon's Breath, Byron Metts, Certificates of Merit for the Seedlings Pink Dragon, Broderick, GMWPR (as yet unnamed), Tim Tom, Mesmerise, Millionaire and Accolade.

I've added a few other pictures of blooms that caught my eye, especially Taylor and Rosalie Davis's Joan Hingerton. A few others are Waimea Beauty, Carnation, El Capitolio and the Two of a Kind entries Sprinkle Rain, Mesmerise (the blooms rotated in opposite directions and could not be awarded) and Pink Gem.

Psyche Sprinkle Rain Holly's Pride
GMWPR Harvest Moon Broderick
Tim Tom Kari Woodengown Mesmerise
Moon Shot Mrs George Davis Psyche (maybe Andersonii?)
Double Ronda D Tigerama Millionaire
Waimea Beauty (aka Hummingbird) Carnation El Capitolio
Joan Hingerton    
Sylvia Goodman Psyche
Mesmerise Pink Gem
Sprinkle Rain  

The World of Hibiscus - Candid Hibiscus Albums