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Candid Hibiscus Albums
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Mellie May

Australian Hibiscus Society Inc.
April 2005 at Hibiscus Hideaway Nursery, Goomboorian via Gympie

This meeting was held at Taylor and Rosalie Davis's plantation of hibiscus - also the Hibiscus Hideaway Nursery!

As usual, the "sufficient" attendance was picnic oriented, meeting for lunch and flower competition with planning for next weekend's Annual Show.  Just after flowers were benched under a large open car-port shelter, a fierce prolonged rain squall with strong wind forced a hurried hanging of tarpaulins for some protection.  Judges took into account minimal damage to dislodged blooms.  The usual fun social occasion occurred.

     VIEWS OF THE PARK: (click for a larger image)

Wide walkways lead through massed plantings, all neatly labelled

A new bed, many recent seedlings from local hybridizer, Phil Barrie

Annie "patrols" the park loving everyone to death - not the best word!

     SOME OF THE PLANTS AND BLOOMS IN THE PARK (click for a larger image)

Adrenalin Bloomin' Luck Eye of the Storm Tarantella Eva Paoloni Holly's Pride
Hot Mustard Kate Allison Young Eye of the Storm Me Darlin' Millionaire Norm Richardson
Pink Rays Trifle

THE MEMBERS and FRIENDS (Yours truly notably absent hiding behind the camera - click for a larger image)

Hostess, Rosalie Davis, Kay Millers, Judy Woodward, Jan I'Anson Good use made of the huge verandah patio Executive: Treasurer Becky Morsch, President Taylor Davis and Secretary Ray Morsch Norm Hatton, Mac and Eileen Harris, Judy Fischle
Marion Long, Joy Hatton, Clive Smith, Bob Briggenshaw Dennis Doherty and Brian Fischle Prospective members????

Exhibitors are allowed a maximum of 15 in total bloom in the Singles, Doubles an Miniatures sections, unlimited Seedlings, 2 of Two of a Kind and a reasonable number in Old Favourites, as determined by the Jim Howie Nomenclature of 1980Click a group photo for a larger image.

Doubles Singles were the largest group Two of a Kind
Miniatures Seedlings Miniature Seedlings Old Favourites
Only 4 Sections were awarded Champions
Champion Single was Silver Rose for Taylor and Rosalie Davis Champion Mini was Lavender Ice for Wally Morgan Champion Double was Cultured Pearl for Ray and Becky Morsch Champion Seedling was Outstanding for Taylor and Rosalie Davis [a Phil Barrie seedling]
UPDATE:  Outstanding has been here in Oz of unknown source, a suspected seedling - BUT it is now identified as an American "import" of which wood was circulated - it is unregistered and bred by Jim Marvel from Razzle Dazzle x Joyce Conrad - It will now belong to Singles!!!


Boolarong - Wally Morgan Juliette - Wally Morgan Sylvia Goodman - Marion Long

OTHER BLOOMS AWARDED CERTIFICATES (alphabetically by column)

Mini: Alii Uii - Marion Long
Mini: Annalisa - Taylor and Rosalie Davis
Single: Antique Gold - Ray and Becky Morsch
Mini-Seedling: Certain Charm - Wally Morgan [ a Richardson seedling]
Double: Cockatoo - Taylor and Rosalie Davis
Seedling: Coraleah - Taylor and Rosalie Davis [a Brian Kerr seedling]
Single: Edna Cato - Wally Morgan
Single: Eye of the Storm -  Taylor and Rosalie Davis
Double: Jol Wright - Wally Morgan
Double: Kenmer Rhapsody - Wally Morgan
Single: Lorraine Frances  -Wally Morgan
Single: Mellie May - Wally Morgan
Mini -Seedling: Mystic Moment - Dennis Doherty and Kay Millers [ a Peter Troon seedling]
Seedling: New Millennium - Taylor and Rosalie Davis [a Phil Barrie seedling]
Old Favourites: Peach Blow - Ray and Becky Morsch
Old Favourites: Pink Psyche - Ray and Becky Morsch
Old Favourites: Psyche - Ray and Becky Morsch
Mini: Red Sheen - Dennis Doherty and Kay Millers
Mini: Sandstorm - Norm and Joy Hatton
Seedling: Speckled Splendour - Wally Morgan [a Norm Richardson seedling]
Single: Tarantella - Taylor and Rosalie Davis [This was also chosen as MOST SPECTACULAR by Judy Woodward]
Double: West Coast Jewel - Norm and Joy Hatton
Old Favourites: Wilder's White - Ray and Becky Morsch

The World of Hibiscus - Candid Hibiscus Albums