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Pink Bouquet

Candid Hibiscus Albums
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Australian Hibiscus Society Inc.
20th March, 2005 at Hibiscus Hideaway Nursery, Goomboorian via Gympie

February 2005 - Wide Bay Branch Meeting - The Flowers - The Gardens
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It happened!  The members you see below, few as they were, rolled up with lots of pretty blooms but no accredited judge arrived.  Consequently, we made a pretty display and you'll see lots of blooms.

There was even time to give Marion Long a lesson on using her new digital camera and she took this shot of me, yours truly, Wally Morgan!!  It's the best I've looked in any photo for years.  She sure is a fast learner!

Victoria Trimmer from the Gold Coast chose 15 or so blooms as her selection for the day.  A bit of fun!!

Here Vicki is with Mavis and Phil Barry - Phil brought many of his seedlings and Vicki was persuaded to consider them.
Becky Morsch, Treasurer with host, Taylor Davis, President Marion Long and Joy Hatton Mavis Barry caught candid!
Phil Barry and Ray Morsch, Secretary Russell and Vicki Trimmer visiting from the Gold Coast Norm Hatton and Col Dennis

We had an excellent range of raffle prizes to choose from - no prunes this month!!  I managed to score the Spaghetti with EXTRA cheese!!  This is one of the events that makes our meetings such fun.  We also plan future events, you know, the serious stuff!!!

Of course, the advantage of being at a boutique nursery like Hibiscus Hideaway, you can do some shopping.  Here're Marion Long and Mavis Barry holding a couple of beauties

Taylor Davis was pleased to be showing his new seedling, Alicia bred from Illuminate x Frilly Knickers (on the right)
February 2005 - Wide Bay Branch Meeting - The Flowers - The Gardens

The World of Hibiscus - Candid Hibiscus Albums