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Rootstock Cuttings Tutorial
by Larry Johnson

They say a picture is as good as a thousand words.  This, then, is a long tutorial!  This is a further answer for those who would like to know how to grow cuttings of rootstock.

Seriously, Larry's expertise makes this self explanatory to a large extent with his pictures and I thank him for letting me use it here.
                    (Click any image to start a slide show of larger pictures)

LJ01.jpg LJ02.jpg LJ03.jpg

Albo cuttings less than 1 yr old.

Select your healthy cuttings and keep them off the ground

Albo and many other great growers make good material

It is best to feed and care for your rootstock plants

New growth that is 6 to 10 months old is the best

This vigorous new growth roots well and makes great understock for your new cvs

LJ04.jpg LJ05.jpg LJ06.jpg

Cut to length

I prefer to cut rootstock 20 cm long and leave a node at the top

Remove all leaves

I remove the lower nodes and leave the top 2 or 3 nodes undamaged so they will soon push new growth

Sometimes the newest leaves can help the strike

It is best to remove the older leaves but some of the newest leaves that are clean, might well help get the rootstock started

LJ07.jpg LJ08.jpg LJ09.jpg

Some sized, groomed rootstock

It is best to root similar diameter cuttings together so the larger ones will not dominate the thinner ones

Soaking in a fungicide solution

I find it best to soak all cuttings in a fungicide solution. I prefer Captan at 1 TBS per gallon of water

Drying before they get stuck

I dry the fungicide on the cuttings before I stick them

LJ10.jpg LJ11.jpg LJ12.jpg

Dip in a rooting powder or solution

It is quite helpful to use a rooting agent with all cuttings, even easy to grow Hibiscus

Stuck in Oasis cubes

I mostly use these 10 X 20 inch Oasis cubes that hold 104 cuttings

Rootstock pushing new leaves

Depending on the climate, time of year and temps, the cuttings will root in 6 to 12 weeks to be replanted into individual pots