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Candid Hibiscus Albums
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Cherie Ritchie

Ganmor Gardens

In a dash between showers, look what I found!
After a steady inch of rain, the bushes pruned in September are starting to flower.
Sorry if the ants and beetles are a bit evident!

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A view of a couple of hundred plants
getting ready for a Christmas show!
Ashley Jordan Ashley Jordan Cardinal Cindy
Bridesmaid Bridesmaids - usually in pairs or more Enterprise
Fifth Dimension Joan Ernest John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy
(with flash)
Lemon Chiffon Mr Floton Pearly Gates Shirley Howie
I think this is a plant
 for the Au HOTY
can anyone in Oz
identify it, please?
Sporty Toni Renalda Unknown  
A few more blooms from 7th Nov. 2004
Beryl Fiji Island Fijian White Hawaiian Skies
Island Empress Kenmer Rhapsody
Dorothy Brady sport
Linda Pearl Mrs Andreassen
Orange Surprise
Dorothy Brady sport
Sadie May
Sport of Silver Rose
Sheba Sylvia Goodman
Topaz Glory Waikiki Girl    
9th November 2004
And some different blooms from those above
are starting to flower.

Travis P. J. to the left is forever blooming!
"Bloomin' what?" you may ask.
He's 2 years, 1 month, 6 days old and
 I reckon I'm his favourite toy!!

Aly Rah Carol (?) Blue Rose Blueberry Tart Brady 60
Campfire Girl Cherie Ritchie Dark Horse Double Ronda D
Un-named mini of
Elena Mia x
Harvest Moon from
 Hibiscus Paradise
Fiesta Fire Truck Heat Wave
Kenmer Rhapsody
Maria Grazia Marjorie Coral Maya on Red
Mellie May Minator Lighting experiment with same bloom
of Pride of Hankins (Landersii)
Red Parasol Rhonda's Variety Show Girl Sir John Chandler
Work of Art      

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