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Dappled Delight

Candid Hibiscus Albums
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Maya on Red

Ganmor Gardens
A random selection ... April 2003

Recently on THML, I explained my 2-week agenda for getting flowers on my bushes after a fairly prolonged relegation as insect "fodder" and the like. A quick tour today gleaned over 100 different blooms.  Many others were not good enough for photographing.  I expect better displays in the days ahead!!

The "agenda":

"I've just spent 2 weeks getting my 1500 plants back into some flowering.  I sprayed last week with Lorsban (chlorpyrifos), Confidor (imidicloprid), Potassium Nitrate and a canola/detergent white oil mix.  This week it was Lorsban, Vertimek (abamectin) miticide, Rovril (aprodione) fungicide, canola mixture plus a complete formulated liquid fertilizer with trace elements and calcium."

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Leave the mouse cursor over the picture to see the bloom name.

Alii_Uii.JPG Amber_Splashes1.JPG Ashley_Jordan.JPG Black_Baron.JPG Black_Knight.JPG
Alii_Uii Amber_Splashes Ashley_Jordan Black_Baron Black_Knight
Blue_Bayou.JPG Brady_Sport.JPG Brown_Banded.JPG Bumble_Bee.JPG Byron_Watkins.JPG
Blue_Bayou Brady_Sport Brown_Banded Bumble_Bee Byron_Watkins
Carmelita.JPG Challenger.JPG Charisma.JPG Cherrish.jpg Clare_McLeod.JPG
Carmelita Challenger Charisma Cherrish Clare_McLeod
Corona.JPG Dappled_Delight.JPG Dark_Horse.JPG Devils_Delight.JPG Dorothy_Brady.JPG
Corona Dappled_Delight Dark_Horse Devil's_Delight Dorothy_Brady
Dorothy_Cox.JPG Double_Psyche.JPG Double_Ronda_D.JPG Eclipse.JPG Edna_Croft.JPG
Dorothy_Cox Double_Psyche Double_Ronda D. Eclipse Edna_Croft
Ed_Florey.JPG Ella_T.JPG Ellen_Adelaide.JPG Elvira.JPG El_Capitolio.JPG
Ed_Florey Ella_T Ellen_Adelaide Elvira El_Capitolio
El_Capitolio_Sport.JPG Fang.jpg Fifth_Dimension-today.jpg Fifth_Dimension-yesterdays.jpg Fijian_White.JPG
El_Capito Sport Fang Fifth_Dimension (today's) Fifth_Dimension (yesterday's) Fijian_White
Fiji_Island2.JPG Fire_Shot.JPG Fire_Truck.JPG For_Petes_Sake.JPG Foster_Brady.JPG
Fiji_Island Fire_Shot Fire_Truck For_Pete's Sake Foster_Brady
Fred_Hollows.JPG Gina_Marie.JPG Gold.JPG Gold_Dust.JPG Harvest_Moon.JPG
Fred_Hollows Gina_Marie Gold Gold_Dust Harvest_Moon
Heatwave.jpg Herberton_Orange.JPG Isabelle_Barling.JPG Jason.jpg Jean_Kaplan.JPG
Heatwave Herberton Orange Isabelle_Barling Jason Jean_Kaplan
Kevin_Burton.JPG Kinchens_Yellow.JPG Kitty_Winks.JPG Kona1.JPG Kylie_Ritchie.JPG
Kevin_Burton Kinchen's Yellow Kitty_Winks Kona Kylie_Ritchie
Lavender_Ice.JPG Lemon_Squash.JPG Lilac_Blush.JPG Maria_Grazia.JPG Martha_Irene.JPG
Lavender_Ice Lemon_Squash Lilac_Blush Maria_Grazia Martha_Irene
Maya_on_Red.JPG Mellie_May.JPG Milky_Way.JPG Mollie_Cummings.JPG Moon_Drop.JPG
Maya_on_Red Mellie_May Milky_Way Mollie_Cummings Moon_Drop
Morning_Glory.JPG Mrs_Waterman.JPG Mr_Floton.JPG Muriel_Butler.JPG Mystic_Hue x Little_Flame.JPG
Morning_Glory Mrs_Waterman Mr_Floton Muriel_Butler Mystic_Hue x Little Flame mini seedling
Pamela_Holland.JPG Pathfinder.JPG Pa_Wallace2.JPG Pink_Gem.JPG Pink_Psyche.JPG
Pamela_Holland Pathfinder Pa_Wallace Pink_Gem Pink_Psyche
Pinto.JPG Precious_Nova.JPG Pride_of_Hankins.JPG Purple_Passion.JPG Radiation_Hazard.JPG
Pinto Precious_Nova Pride_of_Hankins Purple_Passion Radiation Hazard
Reg_Cornwell-mini.JPG Rhondas_Variety.JPG Robyn_Ann.JPG Rosalind.JPG Ross_Estey.JPG
Reg_Cornwell mini seedling Rhondas_Variety Robyn_Ann Rosalind Ross_Estey
Ruby_Delight.JPG Ruby_Wedding.JPG Saketani_Blue.JPG Satin_Lavender.JPG Sir_John_Chandler.JPG
Ruby_Delight Ruby_Wedding Saketani_Blue Satin_Lavender Sir_John_Chandler
Sprinkle_Rain.JPG Sun_Frolic.JPG Sun_Shower.JPG Suva_Belle.JPG Sylvia_Goodman.JPG
Sprinkle_Rain Sun_Frolic Sun_Shower Suva_Belle Sylvia_Goodman
Ten_Thirty_Seven.JPG Thelmas_Delight.JPG The_Path.JPG Thora.JPG Three_Cheers.JPG
Ten_Thirty Seven Thelma's_Delight The_Path Thora Three_Cheers
Trisha_Lee.JPG Wagon_Wheel.JPG Waikiki_Girl.JPG Watermelon.JPG Work_of_Art.JPG
Trisha_Lee Wagon_Wheel Waikiki_Girl Watermelon Work_of_Art