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MARCOTS - Aerial Layering
See also the second article on layering
and Mauree Kimball's step-by-step in pictures.
See the Jim Howie book section on layering

At the bottom of this page are two photos of a successful marcot by Merv Weis in Sydney Australia using the method described.

Merv says: Marcotting is another name for Aerial Rooting. Where you actually ringbark a branch and wrap Spagnum Moss around the cutout area and wrap it up so that it sets its own roots, after 3-4 months, then you cut it off and plant the branch with its roots already started to grow. Hope that it helps and any more queries please contact me. I am no GENIUS but have learnt by trial and error, which helps.

Kind regards from,  Mervyn.

"hi saw an article.. has anyone had success? sounds like it would
  work... and save space and labelling too.

  "Air Layering to Propagate Hibiscus
  1. Remove a wide band of bark (one-half to one inch) from branches   one-half inch or larger.
  2. Surround the wound with moist sphagnum moss, seal it with a plastic wrapper, and secure it with rubber bands, tape, or string.
  3. Wrap the plastic with newspaper or aluminum foil to provide shade for the new roots."

Rick Osgood recommend these two sites:
http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/hort/hil/hil-8701.html - This link still works but I have mirrored it here.

However, I recommend that grafting is a much more efficient method.  If you have access to albo-lacinatus or Pride of Hankins (landersii) or similar easy-to-strike wood, grafting is the way to go.  You can even use any vigorously growing plant that is spare if you have nothing else available.  Sap flow is all you need to be successful.  There are several excellent web tutorials for this now:

Pat Merritt or is it Tom Miller and the AmHS site have excellent help too for all sorts of procedures:
Pat's: http://www.rozpat.net/Basics%20and%20Beyond.htm
Tom's: http://trop-hibiscus.com/cprop.html and I know there's more somewhere.
Jim Purdie's: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~purdiejj/Grafting/grafting.htm