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Jill Coryell of Hawaii sent us this information and says: " The enclosed 'Bulletin 29' is being sent with the kind permission of David Orr, Acting Director of the Waimea Arboretum. He asked me to make sure I gave credit to our previous Director, Mr Keith Woolliams, under whose direction Waimea collected the vast amount of living hibiscus plus an extensive library of reference to hibiscus."

"The 'Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawaii' is our current "Bible" here and I'm sending the Malvaceae pages - printing permission will be needed from Bishop Museum."

The Bishop Museum of Hawaii has given us permission to offer the botanical information from their excellent two volume publication (Second Edition has since been published in 1999) from the section Malvaceae which includes Hibiscus native and introduced to Hawaii. Although technical in nature, some readers will find the material challenging. Follow the Bishop Museum link above, click the "Bishop Museum Shop on-line" link, click "catalog" on the left, then "Books" and scroll down to get the details of the 2-volume encyclopaedia - Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawai'I: Revised Edition. Warren L. Wagner, Derral R. Herbst, S.H. Sohmer - US$95. You may also find many others of their shop products of interest. Our thanks to Jeff Bell for the reproduction permission.

See our slightly incomplete extract in three pages: Part1 - Part2 - Part3

Below see the historical hand-painted pictures from the original document, scans of scans of the originals but nevertheless of considerable importance to botanists and hibiscus historians in general.

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